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A life you love...with the resources you have.

Hi, I’m Dr. Sarah Newcomb, and I believe that psychology is the key to financial health and well-being. ​

If you want to ditch restrictive budgets, stop financial self-sabotage, and create a life where you can thrive today and prepare for tomorrow, you need to unlock the power of financial psychology...


Let me show you how.

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The promise of America is that, no matter where you start out, with hard work and ingenuity you can climb the ladder to financial freedom. Yet, even in the land of opportunity, too many are shut out or caught in traps of wage slavery, over-consumption, and debt, never reaching the freedom they crave. Others achieve wealth, but fail to create happiness because they have not crafted lives of meaning and purpose. ​This troubles us deeply, and we've built THRIVE as a resource to help empower people who are starting from scratch with the knowledge and confidence they need to turn the resources they have into a life they truly love.


I envision a generation of empowered individuals, with a flexible knowledge of financial resource management, who are creating lives of prosperity and purpose.


To help bring this vision to reality, I am on a mission to empower people with the tools and confidence they need to create lives they love from the resources they have.


Combining principles from psychology and economics, we are empowering individuals through:

  • Human-centered financial education (Speaking, writing, workshops, and more)

  • Interactive content to engage people with BIG IDEAS from finance and psychology that can help them make better decisions (Stay tuned for tools and articles on this site!)

  • Non-judgmental financial coaching for individuals and families (Reach out with any questions).


We are always looking for new partners and fellow empower-ers! Reach out to collaborate or learn more. 


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